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Realtor® Info

Your clients expect you to sell their homes quickly and for as much money as possible. Has your listing been on the market for a while? Before considering a price reduction, give us a call.

In business for over 10 years, Dezigner Digz™ has developed a repeat clientele consisting of some of the top names in the region's real estate industry.  Visit the testimonials page on our site to see what your peers have to say about us.

Home Staging Consultations (Realtors®)

Set yourself apart from the competition. Consider offering your clients a complimentary home staging consultation when they list with you. Not only is this a great perk for them, you'll benefit from it as well by having a listing that shows well and potentially sells faster.

Our home staging consultations for REALTORS® are a condensed version of what is offered to our Do-It-Yourself homeowners. Packed with plenty of information, this consultation will help to present your listings at their best by addressing issues such as upgrades, repairs, furniture layout, paint colour and much more. At the end of our meeting with your clients they will be provided with a written report outlining the details of what was discussed. This information will also be shared with you.
Cost: $250.00 *
* For homes up to a maximum of 4,000 sq. ft. Larger homes will be priced on an individual basis.
Dezigner Digz also offers two additional add-ons to choose from for those interested:

Add-on #1:

A one-hour "hands-on" session right after the completion of the consultation. We will work with what your clients have to assist in staging the room(s) that we feel will make the largest impact within that time frame. Of course, we will be happy to stay longer if you wish us to. Additional staging time will be charged on a per hour basis.
Cost: An additional $150.00

Add-on #2:

A second one-hour appointment. We will return at a later date to review the work carried out by your clients based on our recommendations and assist in any fine-tuning that may be necessary. This is a great option for those who feel that they don’t have the flare to do the final tweaks. This second appointment is also a great way to get reassurance that what your clients have done is just right.
Cost: An additional $150.00

Of course, if you would prefer to offer your clients our more extensive Do-It-Yourself consultation, please click here for more information.

Colour Consultation Gift Certificates

Here's an idea: Why not give your clients a Dezigner Digz™ colour consultation gift certificate for their new home. It's a closing gift your clients will truly appreciate!

Downsizing Gift Certificates

With the growing change of demographics to a more mature population, more clients will be making the decision to downsize their home. A Dezigner Digz™ downsizing gift certificate would be a very welcome closing gift that will assist your clients in making this lifestyle transition. For more information on the downsizing services we provide, please click here.

Open House Attendance

Charlene will attend your Open House for an "Ask a Home Stager" question period. Potential buyers will get a few tips on how to prepare their own homes for sale. With enough notice, we'll even customize hand-outs that include your branding. By advertising this event in advance, it can help increase traffic at your open house and get you some new leads.
If you are interested in partnering with us, we would be happy to discuss
our REALTOR® services with you.
We offer volume discounts to REALTORS® and will customize our services to meet your needs.